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We know everyone would have some most frequently asked questions for every services provider. So we have tried to pre-answered most of the common questions you might ask to know. But if still something you want to know or inquire about, please Contact Us submitting a simple form so we will get back to you within an hour or a little so.

Is there any chances to try Cut Out Quick services before submit my order?

Yes, sure! We appreciate that. We offer a FREE TRIAL for the first 3 images before making an order. You can go to the Free Trial page to submit your 3 images to try our services.

Will my images will be keep secure?

We are very concerned about the privacy of every image that client sent to us. After a specific time(maybe monthly) we destroy all our local images. And we don’t use any image for online or offline presence without prior permission.

Can I pay by PayPal or using my Credit Card?

Yes, we accept cross payment from PayPal and Credit Card like Master Card, VISA, Amex, etc. as well as 2CO, Skrill, Payza.

Do COQ know eBay or Amazon image editing requirement well?

Yes, Cut Out Quick is an offshore Image Editing agency that worked with a lot of eCommerce store owners and met their marketplace requirements. We are just masters of eBay Amazon image editing.

Do Cut Out Quick provide/supply FTP account?

Yes! They prefer and provide an FTP account with unlimited space. Cu Out Quick uses up to 256-bit encryption with their server/host via a Comodo SSL. So you can feel secure using their FTP/site.

Can I send image via Dropbox, WeTransfer, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, etc.?

Yes, sure. Even, we prefer transferring images via Dropbox or WeTransfer including GoogleDrive and OneDrive. Actually, we just need an accessible URL to the images. We can send your images back how you prefer.

How about Camera RAW formal if I send?

We believe the Camera RAW format comes with a color format file. If possible, please try to supply us JPG, TIFF, CR2, etc files, no matter about resolution. If you send the latest NEF or very latest other Camera RAW files, we may open that into Photoshop CC and convert them to your desired back format. Sometimes, the process could lose some color variation. So please try to send files after converting them into a common format that is supported by the latest Photoshop or Lightroom.

With what format the resulted image will turnaround?

That’s your choice. If we did not receive any specific instruction about returning format, we will supply in JPG(for white, original or solid background) or PNG(for transparent). Please write us a brief line about what format you want back your files with. Maybe a small additional charge will add for layered files.

What is COQ’s working hour or availability schedule?

Cut Out Quick works near 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 a year. Just knock us for any image editing assistance.

Is there any quick Express Service facility?

Yes, we can deliver the image with an expedited time frame with maximum priority. But this process may take an extra cost. Please don’t be hesitate to tell us your deadline if have any.

Can I pay the bill weekly or monthly basis?

We offer this facility only for regular clients who send daily or weekly basis images for getting edited. And this is allowed for bulk image processing agency too. If you think you would have regular images, please Contact Us.

How much image I could send at a time?

You can order even for a single image. Single, thousand, or thousands of, no matter, we are a team working together maintaining a three-cycle team working shift. So we could handle even very large image volume. But don’t worry to spend even a single one. We are caring about every job.

Is there any hourly basis hiring facility?

If you want a quote for an hourly basis for one designer, yes we have that facility. Our regular hourly rate is $6.00 but if you have complex tasks and need a depth expert hand like ‘for high-end retouch’ then the charge would be increased. Please contact us for a quotation for your specific requirements.