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Ghost Mannequin Service, and Image Manipulation Service are used to increase the look of an image. Especially, it is very needy for cloth image editing services. You will find a lot of Image Manipulation Service but Ghost Mannequin Service, Neck Joint Service, and Invisible Mannequin Service is the most popular service among them as well as Cloth Image Editing Service as these are usually used for cloth images.

ghost invisible mannequin service sample work

Cloth image editing or retouching also covers services like-

  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Neck Joint Service
  • Cloth Wrinkle Retouching
  • Leveling & Symmetry
  • Photo manipulation
  • Any other custom editing

Who may need Image Manipulation Service Ghost Mannequin Service?

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur and you need to separate your images from the other objects? Then the invisible mannequin service is very needy for you. If you have many product images with different objects and need to only keep the product’s image except others then you can use this service. It is also popularly used in advertising agencies, E-commerce, visual arts, fashion industries, catalog companies, and many other individual purposes. Below is a small list of businesses that may need to use our ghost mannequin service.

Clothing Brands: Fashion brands, including clothing designers, retailers, and manufacturers, often use ghost mannequin image editing to showcase their clothing products. By removing the mannequin or model and creating a seamless and consistent appearance, the focus remains solely on the garment.

E-commerce Platforms: Online marketplaces and e-commerce websites rely on visually appealing product images to attract customers. Ghost mannequin photoshop helps create professional and uniform product images across their platforms, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales.

Photographers: Professional photographers who specialize in fashion or product photography may provide ghost mannequin image editing services to their clients. They capture the initial images with models or mannequins and then outsource the editing to create a clean, hollow look.

Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies often handle campaigns for fashion brands or e-commerce companies. Manipulation photo editing services help them maintain a consistent visual style throughout their advertisements and promotional materials.

Fashion Magazines and Publications: Fashion magazines, catalogs, and other publications require high-quality images to showcase clothing items. Ghost mannequin editing is useful in creating consistent visuals for editorial shoots and ensuring the focus is on the garments themselves.

Online Retailers: Small and large online retailers selling clothing and accessories frequently use ghost mannequin image editing services to enhance their product listings. Consistent and professional images improve the overall presentation of their inventory, leading to higher conversions.

Fashion Designers and Tailors: Individual fashion designers and tailors who create custom garments may utilize photo manipulation services to showcase their work on websites or social media platforms. This helps them present their designs in a professional manner and attract potential customers.

These are just a few examples, but any business or individual involved in the fashion industry that requires high-quality, consistent, and visually appealing clothing product images may benefit from ghost mannequin editing.

Cloth image editing, retouch and symettry service

Benefits of using Invisible Mannequin Service with Retouch & Symmetry

The invisible mannequin service lets you remove all unwanted objects from the product’s images. These services give you the desired effects and results you wanted. The Image Manipulation Service or Neck Join Service lets you separate an image from other objects and the invisible ghost mannequin service helps you to replace and fix the missing object of an image. This service also enables you to add and edit watermarks or change the effects of your images shadow, change eye color, red-eye reduction, background and color, image resize, and much more. You can also restore your damaged images with this service and create a unique image with a special effect. It also lets you edit the color of any part of an image such as the lips or the dress of the mannequin or the model.

Ghost Mennequin Service sample image
ghost mannequin neck joint service

How we retouch cloth images to ghost mannequins and make symmetry

We use the latest Adobe software like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. to edit & retouch photos to ensure the best possible results. We remove the mannequin doing clipping path and remove the background with the mannequin part from the focused dress images. Then we use the given back part to fill the missing potion naturally doing whatever is needed to look the final image natural. But sometimes, the client doesn’t supply us back part so we take color and texture samples from the other portion and sometimes copy and fill the missing part naturally making an artificial visual and applying natural shadow with necessary textures and noises so the dress looks as natural as possible with the final version. We also remove wrinkles if the client required them, but not so high that makes the cloth flat and lose its originality. Then resize the final version as the client instructs us to follow the specific marketplace standards. Below is an example of what we do and how.

Neck Join Service and what others you will get from us.

As a professional service provider, we will give you all kinds of image manipulation services like ghost mannequin services, and neck joint services. We always try our best to give you high-quality support. We will knock out the unwanted composition object. Then attach a specified part of an image and give it extra attention like a neck joint taken from a different shot but from the same product group that may be given by you. Finally, edit the color of the old images which are inappropriate for it. We will give you a top-class image by considering your interest. If you are in need of your cloth images to be ready for eCommerce listing then you can use our eCommerce image editing or product photo optimization package that covers everything. Everything like, what the photo needs to look outstanding and attract buyers to achieve sales goals.

Our approach to Cloth Neck Join and Ghost Mannequin Service.

Our experts have a long time of working experience. Moreover, they have completed many projects with 100% job success and quality. They are able to complete your work without any delay. You will also find our services at a cheap rate. We will always try our best to understand what you want. Then give you the best services according to your demand. Doesn’t it enough to prove ourselves?

A good and long-term business always relies on quality and honesty. So, we always give our highest priority to these 2 facts. But if you feel any doubt about our services, you can Assign A Trial Job to check our quality and ability. Hope it is one of the best ways for you to consider us as an initial go before ordering.