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(+88) 01768 262 636

For first-time customers, we require an instant or initial payment for the first few batches/jobs/projects after you are satisfied 100% with our work results. After doing a few like this, we offer a weekly or even monthly payment facility based on an invoice we will send after the period.

And about the gateway getting payment, we do not make it critical to get paid for our Image Editing Services. You can pay us by PayPal Debit/Credit MasterCard, VISA  Amex, Discover, etc., and your local bank transfer Bank Transfer. We believe a minimum of one gateway will work for you to get us paid. PayPal is our first preferred gateway that we feel happy to be paid by, but you can use your desire. To pay us directly via PayPal, please use or use the quick-pay button below to checkout quickly. If you want to Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer, please ask us for details. You can also use WesternUnion or MoneyGram to send payment to us.

We have a PayPal merchant link to let you pay us directly from the Marchant page. Please click the Quick Pay button right to pay us without submitting the Emial address, just put the amount with a short description like your name. We will confirm you the payment.