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We suggest, please keep this page bookmarked to use our preferred image upload channel.

Image upload is an important step in working remotely. And we are constantly trying to use leading technology to make the file transfer as easy as possible for clients and our team. FTP/SFTP is old fashion but still works just fine to keep the workflow aligned. You can use our unlimited spaced and secure FTP/SFTP via FileZilla or other FTP Client. We are also familiar with Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Hightail, OneDrive, etc. You can also share an accessible download link to your photos just make sure we can access/download the images.

You can follow our premium WeTransfer & Dropbox upload page to experience a smooth image transfer.

Image Cutout Service - Ask Quotation Via WeTransfer

Upload Photos via WeTransfer

WeTransfer is very simple and easy to upload/send 200 GB files at a time with requirements altogether on one page. It’s awesome to send bulk files.

Photo Cutout Service - Ask Quotation Via Dropbox

Upload Photos via Dropbox

Go to our Dropbox File Upload page to upload/send up to 2GB files at a time, then send us an email with your instructions. Best for small orders!

Other Cloud Services You Can Use to Transfer Photos with Us
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