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Image upload is a important step working remotely. And we prefer using our unlimited spaced and secure FTP via FileZilla or other FTP Client. But if you have small job or mid level image volume or not very regular order, then you can also use Dropbox, WeTransfer, Hightail, Google Drive etc. To do that, please share or use our email: info@cutoutquick.com, or send us a FTP Account request here.

Please click on the image below to upload your image to our way via Dropbox! Limit: 1.5 GB / .ZIP Preferred!


You can also use other File Transferring services below to send us your files.






Has a File Upload link on Dropbox icon. You can click on Dropbox icon and upload unlimited files so we will get them directly without you share. This also could resolve high volume file uploading.

We really prefer using our secure and unlimited spaced FTP to upload and download files by. If you familiar with FTP, please request for an FTP account GOING HERE…

Or if you are not familiar with FTP, please see the how to tutorial first GOING HERE… and after read and look around¬†the tutorial, if you think you can handle that, please ask us for an FTP Account.