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Jewelry Retouching service is mandatory for timeless classic jewelry businesses. No matter what the era or geographical place, it is always in demand, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. How jewelry businesses are conducted, however, is being diversified, and a significant part of it is conducted virtually nowadays. And to run a jewelry business in the twentieth century, representing and selling jewelry products (any products, actually) digitally or online is a must. And as no photo gets perfect in its original fit after taking the shots, we help make the jewelry photos look amazing by providing jewelry editing services that keep the original feel, not fake, according to the customer’s instructions!

jewelry retouching service and jewelry image editing

No matter what the equipment or lighting, the true shine and glimmer of jewelry as perceived by the naked eye simply cannot be replicated in photography. But with our high-end jewelry retouching, it can be portrayed as glamorous as the real deal.

With the jewelry business shifting its primary client interaction online, jewelry image retouching is gaining more and more traction, and we are here to help you not only keep up with but also set the market standard.

What we Offer in Our Jewelry Editing and Jewelry Retouching Service

No matter what the background, nothing is as spotless and sleek as you’d want the background of your jewelry to be. You want your perfectly spotless jewelry to be on the perfect platform, and buying spotless basements for jewelry can be as expensive as the jewelry itself. With the use of a jewelry photo editor, our services can get rid of the smudges and scratches that ruin the perfect silhouette look of your jewelry.

In this social media marketing (SMM) era, you can’t avoid posting your beautiful piece of jewelry to showcase and then obviously sell. To do that amazingly, your jewelry image must need treatment like background removal or a light background effect to focus your product and attract more visitors effectively.

The inclusion of shadows can add depth and dimension to a two-dimensional photo. It takes a high level of skill and efficiency in editing jewelry photos in Photoshop and other software to give the jewelry the look of elegance that you seek.

You can ask us to apply different types of shadows to your jewelry images, like drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, cast shadow, color shadow, etc. The most popular jewelry shadows are natural and reflective shadows. The reflection shadow is a natural and very blurry shadow exactly below the jewelry pieces. You can also ask us about your custom shadow requirements. We assure your satisfaction with our services.

In most cases, your lighting while clicking the picture will never be exactly the way you want it because your bulb doesn’t offer thousands of different shades, but our team of skilled jewelry image editors does. After proper consultation with you, we will get you the desired lighting We are done editing the contrasts, brightness, and other aspects

Every photo has a different color, which is strange in digital format. In other words, every photo requires a color tweak before publishing or printing. We can help with that. Also, we offer a color-changing service for product photos, which can save you money by not spending so much time and money taking different shots of the same different colored products.

Aside from blemishes in the veneer of the jewels and setting, dust and diverting reflections can likewise lessen the publicizing capability of your photographs. Many a time, you might not even be able to detect the dust and minor spots in the photo that your customers at times might. Our jewelry photo editor can, however, notice any and every imperfection and bend it to the liking of you and your customer.

As the jewelry items are shiny and reflective, any dust and dirt become easily visible. That’s why jewelry items deserve extra treatment to make them more attractive to visitors and get the most sales online and offline. We look closely at every edge of every jewelry piece while cut out and retouching.

Your photographs ought to please your customers as well as their clients. From the surface of the gems to the radiance of the stones, an item photograph should adequately convey its worth and allure. You can accomplish this through our altering administration for gem photographs. With the perfect framing and aspect ratio that will ensure that your customers get focused on the jewelry and its beauty without any distractions, we will edit the photo to your pleasure.

Enhancement is a very common and popular photo editing art that is actually being used for almost all kinds of photos after the shoot. It could be a color improvement, broken area adjustment for a product, object removal, sky replacement, etc.

Frequently, in photography, the picture doesn’t do justice to the genuine article. An excess of light will make the jewel detail victory turn out to be excessively white, and too little light may not catch the radiance and perplexing cuts of the specific stone. Even though photography can’t do justice and demonstrate your perfect polishing, our high-end jewelry retouching can.

After taking a shot of a jewelry piece or editing in Photoshop, some minor adjustments are required for the reflected part or over- or under-editing part. Polishing is actually retouching; sometimes we apply it to make the photo more appealing, obviously following the client’s instructions.

In the wake of clearing the defects in the photograph, we play with some jewelry photo retouching in Photoshop settings like bends, levels, immersion, tint, and particular tones to alter the stone without compromising the picture’s trustworthiness. It helps maintain the originality of the luxury in exchange for making little adjustments to basic things.

For round jewelry, photographers use different kinds of gum to make the product stand on a plain table. That gum eats a part of the product and must be retouched to remove it from the actual subject. We offer that little adjustment with our cutout and enhancement package.

Jewelry Image Editing Service Example
Jewelry Image Editing Service Sample Image
Jewelry Retouching Service Example At Cut Out Quick

Why do you need jewelry retouching?

In this day and age of technology, it is no secret that every business is being conducted online to some degree or another. The jewelry business is as simple as showing the customers the perfect jewelry for them to buy and then selling it to them. It has one simple promotional basis: attracting buyers by showing them the most beautiful, elegant, and glamorous jewelry.

This is where jewelry photo retouching in Photoshop and other software comes in. With some slight touchups and brushes, we can edit jewelry photos to reflect your jewelry’s glamour, but the camera fails to capture it. In some cases, you may want photos of jewelry on models; in others, you’d want a clear picture of the jewelry that can help customers see the raw jewelry and imagine themselves wearing it without any external distractions.

How do we work on jewelry retouching & jewelry editing?

We use the latest Adobe tools, like Photoshop to perform all the involved jewelry editing and jewelry retouching. We generally start with background removal to make the product backdrop white or transparent. Adjust the brightness and contrast by applying a natural shadow underneath. Remove dust and any unwanted spots or broken parts from it. Sometimes, apply solid jewelry glamour according to the customer’s requirements. Sparkle any stone, gold, or diamond things, and resize as required. Revise everything to make sure of a balance of editing & retouching, and then finally save as the customer demands.

Professional Quality

We assure you of very professional results which could increase your conversion rate.

Quick Turnaround

We can deliver up to 500 images in a few hours. And 500-1000 images within 24/h.

$0.45 USD /per img

With professional quality, we offer low-cost image editing services that start at $0.45.

24x7 Support

COQ is available 24 hours and responds to every/chat email instant or within 1-3 hours.

The most efficient way to get attention is by promoting photos that demonstrate the intricate work by showing the clean lines and edges. If your jewelry shines in reality, it will shine exactly like that after jewelry photo retouching in Photoshop and that is what you want your customers to see.

Artificial light at times could dull the glimmer of the stone and reduce the visual effects of the polish which is a key factor when it comes to buying jewelry. The lights in real life can never be controlled as intricately as in a jewelry photo editor. It can either underexpose certain features or overexpose and thus overshadow the features you want to promote. These challenging conditions are where our high-end jewelry retouching excel.

Why Jewelry Retouching is Important for eCommerce Business

Jеwеlry rеtouching holds significant importance for еcommеrcе businеssеs, especially for targеting American and European audiеncеs. As a professional image retouching agency, we understand that high-quality visuals are crucial for enticing potential customers and driving sales. In the jewelry industry, where intricate details and visual appeal are paramount, retouched images help showcase products in their best light. Rеtouching can enhance the shine, clarity, and overall aesthetics of jеwеlry editing, making them more captivating to online shoppers.

For your targеt audiеncе, who might be a lot of distance from your physical store. In that case, these retouched images provide a virtual, lifelike experience that closely mimics the in-store shopping experience. This is particularly important since customers can’t physically touch or examine the jewelry before purchasing it. High-end photo retouching skills are your valuable asset here. Enabling you to create images that convey the luxury and elegance associated with jewelry pieces. We can help you gain high-quality jewelry retouching services.

In thе contеxt of digital & social marketing including affiliatе marketing and blogging, you can lеvеragе your jеwеlry editing imagеs to crеatе compеlling content. Informative blog posts about the latest jewelry trends, care tips, and style advice can enhance your visuals using attractive jewelry images. This not only boosts the credibility of your content but also encourages readers to explore the affiliate links you provide.

Jеwеlry rеtouching plays a pivotal role in еlеvating thе visual appеal of products for your American and European еcommеrcе audiеncе. Your experience in this area can significantly contribute to the success of your affiliate marketing and blogging endeavors, as well as the overall growth of your online business.

Why you should choose us for Jewelry Retouching

Not only for jewelry retouching, but we are also committed to giving top-caliber, advertisement-prepared alters that dazzle your customers with all of our services. These changes may set aside time, yet we generally present our expectations exactly on time. Likewise, our staff will keep you updated on the advancement of the photograph upgrade project. If you have any further inquiries, send them our way. We are glad to respond to them. We need your customers to struggle to pick photographs because every one of them is of superb quality. Make your photographs shimmer like gems; have our group alter them. Reach out to us today to become familiar with our administration for your jewelry editing needs.