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With real estate as a business growing rapidly worldwide, the promotional side of it becomes more critical and at the same time more competitive. With everyone looking to either sell or invest in real estate the advantage is the one with attention to detail. This is where we come in with our real estate photo editing service.

Our services of real estate photography editing will provide you with the edge you’ve been looking for. With some slight touches and editing, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the cleanest and sleekest of photos.

Why do you need real estate photo editing?

Before buying any property or speaking with an agent, clients first take a look at the pictures of the property online. This is the first glimpse that the client takes of the property and a significant part of his visual liking of the property is dependent upon whether he likes these primary pictures or not. You can also get architecture photo editing to have your estate photo to the next level.

So many factors come into play when it comes to taking a good picture starting from good lighting, proper equipment, appropriate exposure, and many more. While you want your client to get a photo that shows how good your real estate is, controlling all these factors become near impossible. There is, however, a one-stop solution to all these, the only factor that you can always control, which is our real estate photography editing services.

Unwanted clutter? Saturated color? Harsh shadows? No matter what gets in the way of you getting that perfect real estate photo, we got you covered. Our real estate photo retouching services will get rid of all the imperfections and get you the photo that will make your sale.

Our real estate image editing services include enhancing colors, removing objects, improving lighting, changing settings, and many more. We make the perfect picture that you vision in your mind but can’t quite get clicked, the perfect picture that you want your clients to see.

How Property Photo Editing will Improve Your Pictures

Several external factors can affect the color of the property such as interior lighting, weather conditions, outside light, settings of the camera used to click the picture, etc. We make slight changes to the colors to undo the eternal effects and maintain the originality of the picture and thus ensuring quality pictures without any form of deception.

Nothing throws off a customer more than a photo of a property that is not aligned straight and properly. After all, nobody will buy a supposedly crooked property, will they? Ensuring the proper vertical alignment of the image of the property is one of the primary edits expected from all real estate companies. Our specialized team ensures the perfect alignment for the perfect image for your property and customer satisfaction.

Seldom can a photographer click the photo that you envisioned because you cannot control everything that goes into photography. Our real estate HDR photo editing service, however, can control the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other aspects to turn a simple click into the image of your imagination.

To be honest, here, can you get the perfect aspect ratio, framing, and focus without hiring a wildly expensive photographer with prices that you find unreasonable? You can’t, but real estate photo editing companies such as ourselves can. Without cropping out the permanent fixtures such as electric poles, water towers, large trees, and such we will provide a suitable aspect ratio and crop the rest. This will ensure that the focus is on the property itself as opposed to it being a cluttered and distracting photo.

While we definitely will not remove any permanent fixtures as mentioned above, there are however disposable objects that get in the way of the property and can at times be quite confusing. Objects such as dustbins, electric chords, and cars can be removed and this will let the buyers see the property in its cleanest version like a blank canvas that they can draw their lives.

Many of our clients want to help their customers envision what life on their property would look like. We can add minor things such as a TV and a couch with a fireplace is well within our capacities. We can also take it further and make an otherwise empty room ‘virtually staged’. This gives the customers a better sense of what the room would look like once filled and adds more sense of reality to this virtual experience.

real estate interior exterior photo editing

real estate interior exterior photo editing

How do we work and maintain the process of edit/retouching

Start with the right software: Use professional photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. These programs offer advanced tools and features specifically designed for editing real estate photos. We follow the steps below to achieve high-quality real estate photos that can improve property presentations and increase sales.

Correct perspective and straight lines:

Real estate photos often require perspective correction to ensure vertical lines are straight and parallel. Use the Transform or Perspective tools to correct any distortions and make the image appear more visually appealing maintaining level and straightening things right.

Adjust exposure and white balance:

We ensure accurate colors and proper exposure by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and white balance of the image. We use tools like exposure, shadows, highlights, and temperature to achieve the desired look. Adobe apps are our sweet spot to do these sorts of adjustments in property photos for editing.

Enhance colors and vibrancy:

To do the property photo editing, we adjust the saturation and vibrancy of the image to make it more visually appealing. Real estate photos often benefit from vibrant colors, especially exterior shots and they just get amazing by fine-tuning a bit.

Retouch and remove distractions:

In real estate photo, unwanted things around the main subject is a common issue. Object removal and deduct distortion come in that case. We remove any distractions or imperfections in the photo, such as dust, smudges, or unwanted objects. Use tools like the spot healing brush or clone stamp to seamlessly remove these elements.

Enhance details and sharpness:

As this kind of photo is taken with wide-angle lenses, some area gets a little blurry or less sharp. We use sharpening tools to enhance the details in the image, making it appear more crisp and clear. We stay careful not to oversharpen, as it can create unnatural artifacts.

Adjust levels and curves:

Fine-tune the overall tonal range and contrast of the image using the levels and curves tools. This helps to bring out details in shadows and highlights, creating a more balanced and visually pleasing result so the photos look the more balanced way of presentation.

Correct lens distortion:

No photos are out of lens distortion. If there is any lens distortion present in the image, we use lens correction tools to correct it. This ensures that straight lines appear straight and are not distorted. In the Adobe software, there is a wide list of camera models we need to select to get the distortion out of the way.

Add warmth and ambiance:

Real estate photos often benefit from a warm and inviting ambiance. We adjust the color temperature and use tools like the gradient filter or adjustment brushes to add warmth to specific areas.

Enhance skies:

If the sky in your real estate photo appears dull or overexposed, we use techniques like sky replacement or graduated filters to enhance it. This can make the image more appealing and create a pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes it requires out-selecting the existing sky and replace with a nice one with the background removal service we apply as well as we have an individual sky replacement service to handle it.

Balance interior and exterior exposures:

In real estate photography, it’s common to have windows that are overexposed compared to the interior. Use techniques like exposure blending or HDR (High Dynamic Range) to balance the exposures and ensure both the interior and exterior are properly exposed.

Straighten and crop:

Almost every photo requires cropping after editing or not. We make sure the image is straight and properly composed. We crop the photo if necessary to improve the composition and remove any unnecessary elements.

Maintain a natural and realistic look:

While enhancing the image, striving for a natural and realistic look we avoid over-processing or creating an artificial appearance that can misrepresent the property. It is very important to keep the property visuals as natural as possible in photos.

Review and finalize:

We take the time to review your edits and make any necessary adjustments. Pay attention to details, such as ensuring all lines are straight, colors are accurate, and the overall image looks polished. We prefer to send a copy to our client for approval for final save or export.

Save and export:

Once our clients are satisfied with your edits, we save the final image in a high-quality format such as JPEG or TIFF. Ensure the image is optimized for web or print, depending on the intended use. We also provide layered files if someone wants.

Why you should choose us

When it comes to any and every business the first thing that comes to mind is finances and our prices are of global standard where you pay reasonably and get what you pay for. Our team is filled with photo editors, graphics designers, and freelancers that are expertized and experienced in this field.

We maintain the utmost professionalism in our communication, delivery, and charges. We use the latest technology in our real estate HDR photo editing services when it comes to the software we use such as Adobe CC, Aurora HDR, Pixlr, etc. Both our front-end customer service and back-end developers and freelancers are dynamic, rapidly responsive, and dedicated to turning your customer’s vision into virtual reality.

If you are interested give us a call and you will be provided with an appointment where we will listen to your needs and put your words in our real estate photo edits, thus ensuring better service and outlook for your property, customer, and you.