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How Image Background Removal Techniques Increase your eCommerce Sales

So you are a booming entrepreneur with a fully loaded eCommerce store. Then, it’s a natural urge that you want to know how to increase eCommerce sales. Maybe you’ve tried some options but they are not really giving you the required results, then maybe you’ve underestimated the importance of post-production for the eCommerce business.

image-cut-out-service_04Postproduction For eCommerce

Your product photos are a representation of the quality of your product, and the first impression of your product is always the photo while you selling them online. Working on postproduction like image editing goes a long way for the success of your eCommerce business. Learn how to increase eCommerce sales, don’t skip it!

Why eCommerce Photo Editing is Important?

You need to focus on your product photos to get the customers’ attention. To make your photos more stunning you need to dive into eCommerce photo editing options like enhancing your photo, adding effects to your photo, and image background removal techniques. Here we are diving into image background removal techniques to increase your eCommerce sales.

Why Use Image Background Removal Techniques?

The background of your photo is as important to your product as the product itself. That’s why multinational companies and chief eCommerce stores spend thousands of dollars on product photoshoot locations, to get a photo background that is irresistible.
But if you want to go for a more budget-friendly way, there is a glorified option for removing the image background altogether, and then using a white background for your product photo. As mentioned above, other than a few eCommerce stores, you’ll always find product photos in a clean white background, which looks decent and slick at the same time.

White Background

If you were thinking that background photos of beaches or palm trees are best for your eCommerce store, reconsider!white-background The eCommerce photo editing industry is all for white backgrounds, whether they’ve been shot in white background or they’ve been retouched for image background removal.
The photos with white background and clear placement of the product are more well-received than the ones with complex backgrounds.

Image Background Removal Software

For your product image background removal needs, we recommend any version of Adobe Photoshop from its good old version 7.0 to its latest, CC. You can also use Adobe Lightroom CC for giving professional touches to your product photo after background removal. You may need to buy these tools and if it’s hard for you think about the importance of postproduction for an eCommerce business.

Image Background Removal Techniques

Normally image background removal techniques involve the selection of the specified product or item and then cutting it from the frame. Then the product is pasted to a new canvas and some adjustments are made.

Now, we’ll go through a few of the selection tools which Adobe Photoshop offers for eCommerce photo editing and image background removal so we will be close to knowing how to increase eCommerce sales.

Rectangular Marquee: This selection tool works by selecting the area in a rectangular shape. It is a better option for the selection of boxes and geometric selections.
Elliptical Marquee: It selects the area of the photo in a circular form. Works well for selecting round things like balls, cameras, fountains, and more.
Lasso: It selects the photo parts in free form. You just need to click and hover your mouse over the product to select.
Polygonal Lasso: This photo editing tool of Photoshop, selects the parts of a photo by creating straight lines from one point to other.
Magnetic Lasso: Magic lasso works very uniquely than others. You need to click on one side of the product for it to get started and then it will automatically detect the product and keep selecting it. Though, its results are not 100% accurate but work in most cases.

Final words; How to increase eCommerce sales

The importance of post-production for the eCommerce business is significant and it requires your wise attention. By employing eCommerce photo editing tools and image background removal techniques you can make your product worthwhile! the eCommerce industry is all for those who tend to do what is required. There is not always much needed. Just steady steps in the right direction can pay off truly well. So, knowing it is important that how to increase eCommerce sales. We hope you are done with it, so what you are waiting for? Let’s start trying!

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