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Best Product Photography Tips for eCommerce in 2022

Ecommerce is expanding every day by making this sector more competitive for new entrepreneurs. Online retailers are trying to be more prolific to stay ahead of their competitors. Again, eCommerce product photo plays a vital role in making a purchasing decision. That’s why companies are putting more effort into product photography. Here, I have come up with the best product photography tips to guide you into the realm of the eCommerce business.

7 Irresistible Product Photography Tips To Shoot Like A Pro

Product photos play the most significant role in boosting sales in an eCommerce business. Professional photographers imply their expertise to get eye-catching product photographs. Let’s see the 7 best eCommerce photography tips that will help you to become a professional product photographer. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild ride!

1. Use A Tripod

The camera must be steady while capturing a picture. Otherwise, you will get inconsistencies in the photograph. Tripod provides more confidence while applying different camera settings. You may use a traditional or mobile grip tripod to standardize the product arrangement. Photographers use high-quality tripods for capturing crips-looking pictures with considerable details. 

Again, a tripod allows a photographer to play with the exposure and become more productive with the subject. Professional photographers always advise using a tripod for several reasons. You will love to use a tripod for the following aspects.

  • To get a sharper picture
  • Gain complete control over the device and the moment
  • To get up close

2. Pick Up The Right Camera

Now, it’s time to choose a suitable camera. However, there are no specific rules in selecting a camera, but it is essential to succeed in a particular project. If you are on a tight budget, you may use your smartphone instead of investing in high-quality DSLR cameras like the Sony Alpha series, Nikon & Canon‘s flagship cameras, etc. All you need is to implement a perfect camera setting for product photography.

  • Set the white balance at the same temperature as the studio light
  • Set the aperture according to the type of the picture 
  • Avoid using flash rather than learn to manipulate natural and artificial light
  • Set your camera to the highest quality image setting

3. Product Photography Lighting Setup – Learn The Uses of Natural And Artificial Light

Product photography lighting setup is the next big thing in getting e perfect picture. You can create a dramatic effect by manipulating the light source. The proper lighting setup is necessary for a top-notch product photo. You may either depend on the natural light source or set up the lighting equipment in the studio.

product photography lighting setup - inhouse setup example

Sunlight is the natural light source that provides a more significant and softer light. On the contrary, lighting equipment provides hard light. You will find different types of artificial lighting equipment in the market. Here, I’ve listed some of them.

  • Continuous Lighting Equipment Speedlight 
  • Lighting Equipment Studio 
  • Strobe Lighting Equipments 
  • External Flash 
  • Monolights

4. Study The Product And Develop A Plan

When you make a plan, it seems that your work is half done. Then, it would help if you executed that plan accordingly. However, for performing product photography, you have to go through many things. The professional photographers create a small studio depending upon the concept of the product. They study the product to get a better understanding of it.

You may also consider the following photography ideas to create mind-blowing eCommerce product photos.

  • Create a scene 
  • Use macro shots 
  • Show the product in use
  • Use white background 
  • Use a reflected surface
  • Freeze-frame photography 
  • Show all product variations 
  • Experiment with angles  
  • Use gorgeous props

5. Apply Portrait Mode to Highlight The Product

The eCommerce product photography aims to generate sales by impressing the customers. As a photographer, you need to emphasize the product to bind customers’ eyes to it. Also, it is essential to capture more details in the picture. That’s why professional photographers suggest using the portrait camera setting. 

Again, the white background plays a cognitive part in focusing the product. Using fancy backgrounds may create distractions from the central concept. Consequently, the viewers will get bored, and the company will lose a potential customer base. You may use a sweep for a perfectly white background that contains no corners or blemishes.

product photography tips for ecommerce

6. Take Several Shots To Choose A Perfect One

Practice makes a pan perfect in his business. To become a professional photographer from a beginner, you also need to practice more money to overcome the obstacles. Likely, getting a perfect product photography shot is not that much easy. So, you need to take multiple pictures and select the one that best suits the concept. 

Change the angles and distances and try different settings to get a clear idea. Thus, it will help you get your desired position and camera setting. Then transfer the pictures to your computer and take a close look. You will find the photographs that get the most details and are perfect for further operations.

7. Apply Photo Editing Services

You have some pictures in hand, but those are not eye-catching enough to upload on the sites. In this regard, photo editing services seem to be the second chance to fix the inconsistencies. Whether performing product photography at home or in a studio, eCommerce photo editing is always necessary. 

By applying background removal techniques, you can fix the tedious background. Color correction services allow for resolving the color issues and help in creating dramatic effects. Following eCommerce photo editing services, you should apply for a flawless product photo.

Final Thoughts on Product Photography Setup

E-commerce has changed the marketing experience completely. Customers don’t need to go to a store physically. They order their products from the sites by seeing the product photos and specifications. And get the goods at the doorstep. So, product photos are an integral part of eCommerce. That’s why you have to emphasize capturing impressive pictures. I tried to provide you with a guide to starting product photography from scratch.

Start taking product photos from different angles, and distances, or using props. Hopefully, you will get the desired picture to boost the sales of the product.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question for Product Photography Guide

How do I set up my product photography?

The instrumental setup for product photography varies with the type of product. The professional photographers used applied flowing equipment.

  • Tripod
  • Backdrop board
  • Right camera adjustment
  • Adjusting the lighting equipment
  • Image retouching

What light should I use for product photography?

You may either rely on the sunlight as a natural source or install lighting equipment in the studio. However, continuous lighting is the most popular one for product photography tips.

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