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eCommerce taking over physical store

eCommerce taking over physical store, Smartphone taking over Desktop

Physical Store vs eCommerce:

On the Big Billion Day, Flipkart alone logged USD 100 million worth of sales in only 10 hours. In the meantime, eBay and Amazon make massive. These statistics show how important eCommerce is to the global economy. There’s no doubt that eCommerce is growing rapidly, and it will continue to do so. It might threaten the physical store owner, and their fear is legit. Nothing can stop the wide-spread popularity of eCommerce or its pleasant experience while shopping.

But an eCommerce business isn’t that easy. To survive in the heavy competitor environment, eCommerce store owners should follow a few tactics that will help them to boost their sales.

  • Upsell Your Products: Sometimes your consumers may not know that there’s a better product available, or they might be convinced about a different product that can fit their needs. There’s two types of upselling: i) Being sensitive to the price range of your Consumers, ii) Making upsells related to the primary or original product. Upselling is 20 times efficient than cross-selling.
  • Image Optimization: A good Image with the product will increase your sales exponentially. If your Product image shows the best of you, customers will quickly fall for your product. Assume that you sell T-shirts on your website. If you can’t show the excellent design of your T-shirt, no one is going to buy it. That’s why a good clipping of your product’s image is significant for your business. For that, you can use our Image Cutting service for smooth and perfect clipping which will help to focus the main object of a product. That will also attract visitor’s eyes visibly.
    Cloth Image Background Remove Service
    Cloth Image Background Remove Sample

    Image Optimization never ends here. A fast loading sales page is suggested by Google. A lightweight image (without losing resolution) can help with that. Fast loading product page also not make visitor frustrated, while a slow page can. After editing/clipping your image, there is some little tweak optimizing a product image like resizing/crop. You can see this article eBay Amazon Image Requirement.

  • Integrate Instagram: Instagram is a perfect medium for showing off the pictures of your products. Use the image you clipped with our image clipping tool for posting. Add a small but sufficient description of the product. It should answer all of your customers’ queries.
  • Launch a Facebook Store Facebook is now allowing you to sell your products on their platform. For that, Facebook won’t charge any fees for that. You just need to post a good image and a brief description like you posted on Instagram. Make sure the description isn’t too bulky. Visitors often show interest when the product has a straight-to-point Instead of using a description like “This product has high electric resistance. It’s made with Durable Polymer…” you can put the features like this: “Highly Electric Resistant, Durable polymer construction…”
  • Get Email Subscribers: Collect email through campaigns. Send newsletters to those emails. Use eye-catching images to attract them. You can also send new products suggestion to them. But don’t overwhelm their inbox with tons of emails. They may unsubscribe from your service.
  • Send Wish List Reminder Emails: Customers often add products on their wishlist. Later they might forget about them. You can remind them about your products by sending emails including their wishlist. They might think about buying them. Don’t forget to suggest some new related items in the newsletter. They might be interested in the new items.
  • Generate Product Review: Make your customers give feedback for the products they purchased. It will encourage other visitors to make a purchase. Besides, they get a better perception of the product.
  • Improve Your Ad Spending: If you want to bring more visitors to your website, you should spend more in the advertisement. This ROI(return of investment) tends, it will boost your site and products exponentially.
  • Engage With Visitors: Update your websites with regular blogs, news, and story. Visitors will be more attracted if they can find ways to engage with you. If you can afford, hire a public responder who will maintain the 24/7 chat with customers.
eCommerce and physical store sells
US eCommerce and the physical store sells

If you see the report in the above image, you will probably get an idea of what the difference was in the earlier time. All this practice will bring you increasing sells, for sure. Just make a schedule plan and start implementing it. Then see the change, and keep doing.

Smartphones vs. Desktops:

Now we have reached a certain period where information is on our doorstep through PCs. But we were not satisfied. We wanted to have access to the information on our own hands. Thus we started doing our computer’s work on our phone. Now smartphones have become our mini computers. People use their smartphone even to read an eBook(best android pdf reader)  on the go.

People often do their shopping with their smartphone when they are on the go. That’s why, if you own an eCommerce store, you should think about mobile visitors. So, it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly. But how do make your store or your website mobile friendly?

Mobile and Desktop Sell Report
Mobile and Desktop Sell Report

Here’s how:

  • Re-direct Your Mobile visitors to a Subdomain: If you cannot build an all-in-one responsive website, create another web structure that resides in a different subdomain. For Example: If your site is, you can set up a mobile-friendly website as
  • Paid Advertisement: The best way to increase publicity for your mobile subdomain is to advertise them. You need to increase the investment reserved for the advertisement of your site as well as products. You can promote them in search results or similar websites.
  • Prioritize Search: Mobiles usually has a small screen. That’s why your customers will have a tough time looking for a particular product. To make this easy for your visitors, you should add a search dialog box so that your visitors can find anything quickly.
  • Image Optimization: You need to show your customers the best side of your product. For that, you should present the products accurately and beautifully. A properly clipped image will do the most for you. That’s why our image clipping service is recommended. Choose the best shot of your product and clipped that from the unwanted background. That will help to let visitors see the main object of your products. Remember, a Good image can turn your visitors into customers.
  • Scroll vs. Pages: Mobile Screen is limited. That’s why you can’t add everything on the homepage otherwise your visitors will be tired of scrolling down. You can either put the contents on different pages or you can separate the information.
  • Consider Site Speed: If your website has too many JavaScripts or Add-ons, it will lag and delay to load. It will irritate the visitors, and you won’t like it either. That’s why you should avoid unnecessary scripts and add-ons. Keep it as simple as possible.

Handling an eCommerce business could be complicated, at least until you don’t figure out what’s right for it and what’s bad. It takes patience and time to sort things out for your new business.

But, that after, it’s really eCommerce generation. People still go out to purchase things, but they like to spend some time gathering the internet for their dream product or trendy one. If you are a physical store owner and still don’t have an eCommerce store, plan of one. You will love it when you will see people engaging literally the same way purchasing their expected product from the physical store and from WebShop.

Happy Shopping, Happy Selling.

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